Freezer Paper

I happened upon this yesterday and with perfect timing.

The Train To Crazy: Using Freezer Paper to cut out patterns {a tutorial}.

With Christmas coming, and my unemployment coming in less than 3 weeks, I’ve been thinking about what I can do to make a homemade xmas again this year.

Last year I made the wonderful Wee Wonderfuls dolls for my daughter and the cousins.  This year, the 5 yo girl cousin is in need of some clothes for that doll, and her Groovy Girls and maybe something coming from Santa that is about 18″ tall (wink), and I’ve got plenty of interesting fabric so I know I can make a nice good bunch of outfits.  Maybe matching for all three dolls?

Anyway, I’ve got one sewing pattern already, and was thinking about it over the weekend.  Last night I saw Andrea’s posting in my google reader and thought, “hmm, interesting idea, but I never use patterns”.  Um.  Yeah.

So, I had a good night’s sleep last night, La La didn’t wake up before the alarm, which is always a good thing, so I guess my brain was able to make the connection that I missed when reading it last night.

I got the little lamp out of La La’s room and took the shade off and placed it under the coffee table. I opened up the pattern and got out my roll of freezer paper and a pen that I like and started tracing.

And quickly realized this was not going to work for me.   I was not comfortable all hunched over, there was too much detail on the pattern piece and I haven’t used a commercial pattern in so long, I wasn’t sure what was important.   But then I had an idea!

I’m a gadget girl, so I’ll use my gadgets!  I cut up my freezer paper into 8-1/2 x 11″ sheets, took the curl out with an iron, and then photocopied the pattern pieces onto the freezer paper.


Don’t you love the internet??

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