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It’s muggy in Orlando

I was in Orlando this week for the Business Objects 2005 User Conference. It was muggy there. I learned a lot, and had a great time as usual, except for a few small problems. I’m guessing that Wilma is to blame for them though. The two last sessions I had were held in a room that had such a strong mold-smell that I thought my head would explode!
I saw my old boss, who is now working for Business Objects, and got a chance to thank him for the opportunity that he basically threw me into back in 1998. If he hadn’t had more faith in me that I had (and sent me to a great client) my life would probably be a lot different than it is today.
The most fun part of the trip though, was the party, which took place at Universal Studios in Orlando. I rode both dragons on the Duelling Dragons coaster, and rode the Hulk roller coaster 4 times. The Spider-Man ride rocked! After scrambling my brain on the Hulk and having a few glasses of wine, I was ready to go, and started heading for the exit. I walked along the sidewalk sort of behind the crowd, in order to not bump into the people dancing and revelling. I walked by this guy and just happened to look up at his face… and it was a guy that I knew from my very first job back in NH in 1984, Tommy Oliver! (That’s not his real name, but that’s what I called him. He called me Rhonda Jo!) What a bizarre coincidence that he was working there as an event coordinator and I was there attending the event. And dammit, he looks just like he did when we were in high school, all tan and cute and with bright white teeth. I don’t look much like I used to… I think he had to look at my name tag to recognize me. That was pretty amazing, and made a great party even better.
Naturally, I didn’t take my camera, which I did bring to Florida, to the party. What a maroon!

adnohr needs…

adnohr needs scope of work for the co-investigator to get started. I sure do!
adnohr needs no help. Never!
adnohr needs to win because she is the only candidate. Wouldn’t that be sad if I didn’t?
adnohr needs to know who he is. I guess…
adnohr needs a new outfit. It’s true.
adnohr needs to move more and eat less. Sadly, this is all too true.
adnohr needs our prayer! If you think it will help
adnohr needs to sign. Anything in particular?
adnohr needs to come out of serious suits and career minded sweats into something more appealing. Career minded sweats? What the heck is that?
adnohr needs your support to stay sober. I think I’m doing okay here.
adnohr needs a "clean" trash can and an Everclear brew! I wonder if I do?
adnohr needs to focus on things that are a lot more important than this personal beef she has with some airport security groper. Now this one sounds interesting…
adnohr needs to get a dildo! What’s wrong with the one I have now?
adnohr needs to apologize. Uh, I’m sorry.
adnohr needs someone to yell at every now and then. Well, who doesn’t need that?
adnohr needs to build a fence for her dog. I think she does!
adnohr needs to ask for time off to go to Seattle. Oh, I could visit little Wyatt while I’m there!
adnohr needs to call you back. Yeah, cause I’m real busy now.
adnohr needs one to mount. I am sure I do.
adnohr needs to have a place where her readers and fans can email her from her site. What? I have fans?
adnohr needs a little patching up. Sadly, this is true too.
adnohr needs more hands. I could knit those three color stranded rows in Dale of Norway Sweaters if I had more hands.
adnohr needs the Prestone tune up to get back into the field. If I knew what that meant, I might argue with it.
ADNOHR NEEDS HEALING RIGHT NOW LORD WE LIFT HER UP TO YOU RIGHT NOW LORD! What’s with the all-caps Jesus-freaks? No wonder God doesn’t answer with you people yelling at him all the time! I think I’ll take the nice quiet prayer offered above, thanks.
adnohr needs a little medical attention. Just a little.
If you want to play, type needs into Google and pick the best ones!