Finished Object? Not a chance!

I know, it’s been 9 months since I last posted. I’m not even sure if anyone’s out there anymore, and that’s ok, that’s fair, since there hasn’t been anything to read.
A lot can happen in nine months, and for me, a whole lot did! In fact, on August 31, I had a daughter!
Here she is:

Still steaming… in the hospital.


Visiting with friends


Contemplating her busy schedule?


Playing peekaboo

I won’t be posting her name/etc. here for obvious reasons, but those of you that I know in real life will be getting an announcement soon enough. They just arrived today, in time for her one month birthday!
Around here she goes by an assortment of names:
Wiggles, Giggles McWiggles, Pooparella, Poopenstein and LaLa (this is my favorite, when she wants to eat, she screams La! La!) are just a few that we seem to use a lot. I’ll probably refer to her as LaLa when I post here.
So far, she’s been just wonderful. I had an easy pregnancy until the very last day, and so far she’s just awesome. I was afraid to have a girl, considering the kind of relationship I have with my own mother, but I can’t imagine any other baby and I can’t wait to see what she becomes!

2 thoughts on “Finished Object? Not a chance!

  1. LLuckygirl

    She’s definitely your little cupcake, sweet as frosting! I love seeing her pudgy little cheeks and her beautiful new smile! Keep posting new pics so we can all keep up with her here in New Hampshire. Congrats again! Love, April

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