May 2015 Bee Adventurous Star Gazing!

This poor blog only gets updated when it’s my month for the bee.  Oh well.  Here we go!

I know May ends up being short so no worries if you don’t get back to me until  we meet in July.

Until we meet on the 11th, I’ll give you some time to think about what you want to make. I’ll be giving you some blue fabric for the background, and some yellows and whites for the foreground. Feel free to add in your own fabric, please yellows/whites only, no other colors. White on white is ok.

Here’s what I’m thinking – a starfield of all different stars.

bee Adventurous

I would love for you to Bee Adventurous. Any star will do, but I’m going for a more traditional look rather than a wonky/improv look, so feel free to google  STAR QUILT BLOCKS and see what comes up.

Here are some ideas:

Please make two different stars and two different sizes. You can use the same fabrics in each or mix it up. Anything from 8” to 16” is fine – it doesn’t have to be an even number, just square. If you have some idea to make a shooting star that ends up rectangular, that’s ok too, but generally square.

You will also find a piece of fabric ironed to some freezer paper. Since May is my birthday month, this quilt will be for me and I would love to label it with all our your names, so please put your name, city, date and any other message you would like on there with a fabric pen like a Micron Pigma or something that you think won’t wash or iron out!

Thanks so much and I’m so excited to see what you come up with!

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