Purplicious Present


It was Ms. A’s fifth birthday this week, and we celebrated a week ago down in San Diego at a great park that had an amazing view of the area.

The theme of the party was Purplicious, which is a book that Ms. A is fond of. 


At least, that’s what it said on the invite.  When we got there it was more princess-y in theme, but still all purple


So, for a few weeks, I thought of what to make.  Since I knew purple was a must, I asked what Ms. A’s other favorite color was so that I could have another color to work with.  That was pink, which I had for the sashing, so that worked out well. 

Every few weeks, La La and I would go to the fabric store and pick out some purple fabric. La La would ask to pick out a purple each time we went, and I let her.  


I think she’ll be confused when she figures out that fabric is not called purple, but is called fabric. 


I found out that Ms. A still loves her doll that I made her for xmas, and had given the doll her own name.  I decided a quilt would be a fun gift for the doll, and felt Ms. A out with questions about whether her doll had a bed or not, or a pillow. 


I had a lot of fun coming up with the pattern for this.  Each square is 2″x2″, with a 1.5″ x 2″ purple piece in the center of each block.  It took me a while to figure out the dimensions with some graph paper.


I used a premade binding for the edge, and one of La La’s flannel receiving blankets for the batting.  (They shrink so much after the first washing that they aren’t much use after a couple of months anyway.)



Then I made the pillow and pillow case too.  I just love how cute they are!



Here’s the top.




And the bottom.  Ms. A likes guitars, so it worked for me. 

The label says:  For Ms. A on her purplicious fifth birthday (with a doodle of a cupcake) From me 2010.

Best news is, I got an MMS the next day from Ms. A’s dad showing the quilt under 2 of Ms. A’s new Barbies.  Pretty good deal, if she trusts her new Barbies with her new quilt. 


My next projects are a siggy quilt swap, which is 101 squares with my name and city on them, to be exchanged with 100 other people, to make a cool quilt and maybe some new friends in the world. 

The second is a quilt for La La, from a pattern I bought from Carolina Patchworks.  But, as I do, the pattern calls for five fabrics, but I’m going to use sixteen – at least one each from this fabric line

I’m really excited for both projects. 

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