My husband woke me from the weirdest dream this morning, so I just had to share:
I was in the family room of my mother’s house [1]. I was sitting with a friend on the couch and heard some noise outside. We both look out the window (one each) and see a creature that looked like it had the body of a moose, the color and humps of a camel, and the head of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It also had a pair of arms above the forelegs, that were lying along the sides of the humps, but could be raised as needed. There appeared to be some moss on the back and arms of the creature.
He was gnashing at a nest[2] in a tree on the lawn. The tree was completely non-suburban New Hampshire stock, and the nest was made of those palm fronds that look like a accordion fan. Totally not the right kind of vegetation for the area.
In the tree, which is now big enough to hold a person, is Annette O’Toole, shielding a bird from the Tyrannosaurus Camel. At the foot of the tree is Ed Begley Jr., trying to scare the T-Camel back into the woods.
The nest comes down in the T-Camel’s mouth, but the birds are safe, so he leaves, and Annette O’Toole lets the bird go, and it is a raspberry day-glo blue and flies away. [3]
I yell out the window to get the attention of Ed Begley Jr. “Ed, Ed!” The media are all over the lawn now, interviewing him. He finally breaks away and comes over to my window. Suddenly I am outside the window, [4] standing in the shrubbery. I ask for his help with the nest. Should I try and put it back in the tree or toss it over in the woods at the side of the driveway?
He thought that the birds would never come back after the T-Camel saliva and the touch of humans, so we should move it to the woods. I asked if we should wear a dust mask, so that we won’t choke on the dust. Ed replied that I should not be afraid of the bird dung in the nest, but yes, I should wear a mask. I looked at Ed Begley Jr. and he was wearing a navy blue surgical mask [5] with a cardboard clowny smile taped to the front. For some reason, I wasn’t completely freaked out by the clown smile, and then it was gone.
He gestured to the house across the street, and asked if I knew D, the girl across the street [6]. He was now in a Tuxedo. He said “she was kinda…” “A salesman?” I replied. “Yes, a salesman.” he agreed. [7]
We then notice a ton of graffiti on the windowsill, written in magic markers and pens and those silver pens people use for scrapbooking. Words like “Debbie”, “2000”, little hearts, more like the kind of stuff you’d see on a desktop at school. Ed Begley Jr. told me that he was very upset at what’s happening to the neighborhood. “They keyed my aluminum siding!” [8]”That’s terrible ” I replied.
Just then, my (anonymous) friend sticks her head out the window to tell us that the media are all up the street. “It’s on tv! The vandals are up the street keying someone’s house!” Ed Begley Jr. looks at me and says ” Let’s go! We can catch the vandals!”
As I was starting to run away up the street with Ed Begley Jr. to catch the vandals keying the aluminum siding, my husband woke me up.
I started to tell him all about the dream. He was freaking out by the amount of detail I was giving him, he was pre-caffeinated and was starting to overload. All the way to work I kept remembering more and more detail, and he kept trying to wake up.
Then, around noon, my husband IMs me at work.

[huz] BABE!!
[huz] BABE!! You there?
[me] yes?
[huz] I’m listening to Frosty, Heidi, and Frank. Today’s guest is Ed Begley Jr.!!
[me] Holy crap!

[1] This was before it was renovated, so vintage mother’s house.
[2] I had watched an episode of Survivorman over the weekend where he tore down a nest from a tree in the Kalahari Desert.
[3] I don’t know what happened to Annette O’Toole after this, she was just gone.
[4] Must have gone through, I seem to remember pushing on the screen to see as he approached the house.
[5] My husband later reminded me that he was on St. Elsewhere, so…?
[6] My best friend since 1978.
[7] I have no idea what this means.
[8] Somehow, I doubt Ed Begley Jr has aluminum siding. Remember, it was only a dream.

3 thoughts on “Synchronicity

  1. Vicki

    Very funny Rhonda….. you dream of Ed and then your husband encounters an interview with him on the radio….getting goosebumps.

  2. Vicki

    Very funny Rhonda….. you dream of Ed and then your husband encounters an interview with him on the radio….getting goosebumps.

  3. adnohr

    I love it when that happens. I used to be able to think about a song and hear it on the radio too. And not just current stuff, but oldies. It doesn’t work anymore though. 🙁

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