The cult of the hexagon

I’m done with the flat part of my hexagon doll bed fabric, and now I have to figure out how to get nice curves on the ends to make sort of a boat shape.


I’m going to try some pentagons joined to the hexagons.  I think it will be a gentle enough curve to be perfect for what I need.  I’m going to play in white for now to see how it goes and if it works, I’ll decide whether to just join the white to my fabric or to make more in the scrappy fabric I’m already using.  I’m having fun with this!

I’m already thinking about my next project.

I have a friend with a Cricut.  I have Adobe Illustrator (but Visio will also work).  I created an .svg file of hexagons and sent it to my friend, then I brought her a new pack of blades and a stack of cardstock.  About 30 pages, with 28 hexagons per page.  That’s over 800 hexagons, for the cost of a trip to JoAnn’s for some blades.

Hey Ya!

Big ole' piles of 1 inch hexagons

I got some charm squares to be a little less scrappy this go-around.   Cut in 4, they are perfect for 1″ hexies.

Me & My Sister Favorites Charm Pack

Some solids too.  Not sure if I’m going to use them for this project or not, but I have time to decide.

Connecting Threads Charm Packs: Warm, Cool, and Bold.

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