The new To Do list

Love this!  Just might be the project for my Amy Butler Love. 
Or this.  Or this
And I absolutely have to make a few of these so I have a place for my fabric.  I especially like this version, which is really simple and clean. 

I know, no yarn, right?  Well, I’m taking a break, but will surely knit again soon.  It’s just difficult to knit when a little someone is always grabbing the needles out of a project, or is pulling the needle off the cable leaving me with useless circular needle.  You know. 

As the days get longer, I’ll have some light in the crafty room/office and will enjoy sewing after La La goes down for the night. 

Now that things are working again, I’ve got a few sweaters to show you that I made in 2009.  All for La La of course.  And a little sewing project I did for Christmas. 

In reality, I may make a little doll quilt or two before I dive in on a human sized one.  Not the sewing I’m worried about, but the quilting, since I’ve never done it before. 

And can I just say bah! to the Zemanta thingy that is suggesting photos of cats just because I typed the word knitting!  Not all of us knitters have cats, or even like them, Zemanta!

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