Wig Night!

On Thursday, my husband took a PTO so I was left to drive to work alone on the worst day for driving in LA. Instead of going home after work, I decided to check out the women at the LA WeHO Stitch n’ Bitch for a change.
What fun! It was Wig Night, and even though I didn’t know that in advance, Faith had brought a few extras, so I was able to wear a Lavender Bob for a few hours.
I got to see lots of folk that I used to see at the Tuesday night @ Talking Stick. I saw Faith, Sara, another Sara, Ellen and her cutie hubby Larry who was wearing Ellen’s “everyday” wig. He set up a backdrop and took photos of us which you can see over here.
faithzoom.jpgHere’s Faith. She looks faboo in this red wig! I love it. She is the one who loaned me the lavender lovely that my husband wishes I could have brought home! :/

ellenzoom.jpgHere’s Ellen. At first, she didn’t recognize me, since it’s been a while since I saw her in Feb at Stitches West.

crazyzoom.jpgI met Laurie, as in, oh, you’re That Laurie, I hope I didn’t scare her too much. It was her birthday, and I guess she was being a little shy? What with the (not really a) stalker incident, she was maybe wondering who the hell I am. She had brought presents for her own birthday! I was given a CD of great songs you love to hate, or hate to love? Or maybe it’s the summer songs you hate to admit you sing out loud in the car when you’re alone and they come on the radio?

Unfortunately, I had overdone it at work that day, so I wasn’t in the mood for all the cakes and cookies (someone brought homemade ginger snaps that smelled soooo good) and I only had a couple bites of a strawberry cake that was pink inside (I had never had pink cake so I had to try it). Since it was the day after the solstice, it was light almost the whole time I was there, which was a perfect night to usher in the summer.
One girl showed up for the first time and ended up leaving after only a short time. I hope we didn’t scare her off, I can imagine it would have been a hard night to get in with the in crowd, who were all wearing wigs and acting goofy. Everyone was vamping it up and hardly doing any stitching at all! I hope she will give the group another try on a “normal” night, because it really is a great group of women; generous, silly, fun, and talented, and that’s what it’s all about.

3 thoughts on “Wig Night!

  1. laurie@crazytourist.com

    Well! It was so nice to see you at s?€™nb, but I do wish you would have just said hey and chitchatted with me! I am a little shy, it?€™s true, but it freaks me out when people won?€™t talk to me! I?€™m not scary, I promise! Ok, I am maybe a little scary, but I am a terrible hermit and I get paranoid when people just won?€™t talk to me, it?€™s no fun LOL ?€¦ I wind up wondering if I smell bad, or maybe have lipstick on my chin or something 😉
    Hope to see you again soon, even sans wig heh heh

  2. nod

    Well you are right, of course, I should have put away my OWN shyness and sat down with you, but it was a bit of ?€?your night?€? so I was feeling a bit like the outsider. The next time my hubby takes off a Thursday, I?€™ll be there! Do you ever go to the Saturday ones? I have often thought of heading up on a Saturday to kill two birds, knitting and grocery shopping!

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